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Here’s Your Handy, Dandy Quick-Start Guide

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Block out the four consecutive weeks of your regular student meetings to teach the 4 main lessons.

There will be 4 ready-to-teach lessons for you to teach your students. The lessons will cover:

Session 1 – What is the Gospel?

Session 2 – The Gospel and Your Story

Session 3 – Confirming Your Story

Session 4 – How to Share Your Story

The lessons are simple. Go ahead and work through the navigation (top of this page) and get familiar with the lessons. Each lesson has a video for you, the leader, and a download button underneath the video.

Use the navigation at the top of this page to easily go through the site.

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Check out the Resources Section. Super-helpful stuff lives there.

You’ll find various items for promotion and for use in your teaching. Download them and check them out.

BIG TIP:  If you really want some “secret sauce” to get your students from “shy to sharing” then you’ll want to dig into the Steps of Courage Training you will find in the Resources Section. It’s short, and it’s a must-watch for any student leader.  Ideally, you’ll want to go through that brief training before week four.

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Discover the bigger vision behind This Is My Story in this short video.

This short video from Pastor Mike Stone will tell you a little more about where this Initiative started and what the grander vision holds.

Mike Stone is the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Blackshear, GA, and the President of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

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Get Ready For “Month of Sharing.”

All this leads up to your students taking what they learned in the 4 weeks so they can:

Share their faith story confidently with each other (practice)!

Share their faith story confidently with their family

Share their faith story confidently with their friends

Share their faith story confidently on social media.

All of that can happen over a 30-day period and you’ll be amazed.

Many of your current students will come to Christ. Many others will share their faith story for the first time with someone else. And some will have the privilege of leading someone to Christ themselves.

We are praying for you… and we’re here to help!

(And don’t forget to bookmark this page!)