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Equip Your Students To Go From “Scared To Prepared” To Share Their Faith Story With The World!

Open Now!  Register Your Church Below to Gain Access:


…your church, along with hundreds of others, multiplying shared faith stories across the state of Georgia, starting with your own community
… thousands of stories shared one-to-one — and in the online world by video… producing digital gospel witnesses working 24/7 to bring people to Jesus.
… a predictable, done-for-you discipleship process to equip your students to do it all again and again with ease

Here are just a few benefits:

  • A turn-key 4-week teaching series to watch your students go FROM SCARED TO PREPARED…excited to share their faith.
  • A “gospel confirmation” process that helps UNSAVED STUDENTS UNDERSTAND the Gospel… and gain their own story.
  • Access to real-world VIDEOGRAPHY TRAINING… getting every student testimony harvested by video and into the social media world with powerful results.

Become part of a story-sharing movement designed to impact the lives of your students so they can impact their world!